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Ethos: To promote high quality care and education that focuses on a child-centred approach.

Aims: To support children to flourish,respect and nurture their individuality and develop strengths in preparation for school readiness.



Children learn faster in the first five years of life than at any other time, therefore, the Pre-School Curriculum is designed to form the foundation for future achievements. As registered providers of pre-school education we conform to the guidelines outlined by OFSTED. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which provides all the requirements for children’s learning.

It is recognised that children are primarily motivated by the pleasure they gain from play opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to allow children to develop as individuals. Children are guided in a positive way to build on their interests and experiences. The learning environment provides children with the ability to come to their own conclusion, free from the fear of being wrong.

Facilities and Activities

Pre-School is a child-orientated environment.

Our provision incorporates the indoor and outdoor environment, offering children a range of activities and routines that supports children's  learning and development through play, investigation and targeted adult lead learning activities.


Activities promote children's creative, critical and emotional well-being.

We offer:

PE sessions

Phonic and rhyme time

Disco Dough

Regular visitors and outings

Sensory and Heuristic Play

Collaborative Activities

Gardening Club

Eco Warriors Science based activity

Music and movement

Drama workshops

Orchard session based on Forrest school strategies 

Access to Enid Rigley Dance Academy


Annually we hold events such as:


Christmas and Summer Productions

Sports day

'Chippy' Lunch

Preparation for school

During the year prior to school entry we offer more specifically designed sessions to prepare your child for the Reception class and school life. We have fostered links with Oughtrington Primary School including visits by the children to school and visits by the Reception class teachers to Pre-School.


During your child’s pre-school life we maintain records of their achievements. Examples of their work, needs, observations, photographs etc make up the Learning Journal reflecting children's interests and achievements. These records are available for parents to view, discuss and comment on in confidence with your child’s Key Worker or the Supervisor and are given to you when your child leaves Pre-School. The recording system used is approved by OFSTED and belongs to you, the parent. It is also a working document, which provides valuable information which assists the transition to another setting. The information provided will be a useful tool to share with other significant practitioners such as schools, health visitors etc.

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